Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
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Wildcrafted & Organically grown locally in Central Pennsylvania.


Preserved with grape brandy.

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Also Available in dosage bottles and custom blends:


Bach Flower Remedies

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Essence of the Desert

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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are an easy readily accessible bridge to the world of plant spirits. They are are form of energy medicine; an energetic extraction containing the imprint of the plant (its "essence"). Flower essences are subtle, and gentle enough to use on animals, children, and the elderly, but are capable of facilitating powerful transformation by helping to release negative beliefs and perspectives, and restoring harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. They are a suitable medicine for people simply looking for relief from their mental & physical afflictions, those who are curious about the world of Plant Spirits or energy medicine, as well as those who are looking to do deep, healing work on both physical and spiritual levels. 

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Why herbal smoke blends?

Herbs have been smoked for thousands of years in many cultures for ritual, recreational, and medicinal purposes. Vital Earth Alchemy Herbal Smoke Blends are not addictive and can be used as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Some find them to be a useful tool for trying to quit smoking tobacco. Enjoy in moderation, as smoking of any kind is taxing on the lungs.