Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
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Meditative Hoop Dance Instruction

Current Rates:

60 min private lesson…………......…… $25/ $80 for package of 5

60 min group lesson………………........ $10 per person

For group lessons of more than 5 people,  please contact me for rates and details.

About Hooping

Mesmerizing to witness, and blissful to experience, Hoop Dance is meditation in movement. Find mental stillness through hooping. Improve balance, coordination, and fitness.

After exploring over 10 different kinds of dance since the age of 3, Calyx has found true passion in hoop dance. Several years of seated meditation and yoga practice allowed her to open up her heart to the peace that comes from movement, as well as lack of movement.


Current Offerings:

Private and group lessons

Learn outdoors at a park near you! Aids in many areas of wellness, including fitness, relaxation, body awareness, and mental focus. Utilize the infinite sphere as a tool for movement meditation.


Weather permitting.

General Information

Wear comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in. Avoid dangling jewelry and accessories.

Bring a blindfold.

Please bring water and keep yourself hydrated during class!

Please inform me of any injuries or other concerns before the lesson starts.