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Hoop Dancing Benefits Mind, Body, and Spirit

August 17, 2012

Why is Hoop Dance something you should try?


Gently providing gentle stretching and body conditioning, while getting your heart pumping, hoop dance is great exercise for all ages. Hooping will build your endurance, improve hand-eye coordination, gently massage internal organs (potentially improving digestion), increase flexibility, and much more.


The hoop is a great tool for exercising the brain, as well. Learning to hoop using your whole body helps connect both hemispheres of your brain. You will learn to use your body in ways that may be foreign to you, increasing strength, balance, and dexterity. Learning new ways of using the body help keep the brain healthy active. This is great for helping kids improve tactile skills, and for older generations keeping their minds young. ​


Hoop Dance articulates the heart through the body. It also creates a joint between the mind and the body, allowing a sort of fluid, mobile connection of the two. It opens the heart chakra and allows freedom of expression and self love to flow. It creates stillness and awareness through movement meditation.


Not to mention, hooping is FUN. Going outside, dancing to your favorite music, mastering new tricks, remembering how to play, making mistakes, experiencing physics, and centering and grounding subtle energies are all the things that I love about hooping, and are bound to get you hooked once you try! Not much of a dancer? Let the hoop move you! Hooping can help to instill grace and confidence, and bring out the natural dancing ability that is in all of us. Doing things like laughing, staying fit, reducing stress, keeping your blood and lymph flowing, and exercising the brain can help prevent the onset of diseases and increase life expectancy.


So, what's stopping you?

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